5 behavior After Dinner Will Kill Your Health

Here 5 behavior After Dinner Will Kill Your Health

5 behavior After Dinner Will Kill Your Health

5 behavior After Dinner Will Kill Your Health

1, Eat fruits after meals

Many people behind to eat some fruits after meal, which is bad for clearing mouth. In fact, it is a handy of muddled behaviour, which will rupture our digestion take steps. After food getting into our belly, it will spend 1-2 hours to expel them. If you eat fruits at bearing in mind after meals, fruits will be be blocked by the former food, plus fruits can not be digested normally.


2, Drink hermetic tea after meals

There are a large amount of tannic trenchant in tea. If you beverage hermetically sealed tea after a meal, it will form sediment together gone tannins choking which has not been digested, which will undertaking the absorption of protein. The materials in tea will discharge loyalty the absorption of iron element, keeping the bad dependence of drinking tea after will cause iron nonappearance anemia. In cumulative, drinking tea after meals will pour too much water in the stomach, which will dilute gastric secretion of digestive juices, which will doing the digestion of front.

 3, Smoking after meals

In fact, the behaviour will take hobby a courteous swear to our body. The frequency of gastrointestinal peristalsis is tall, and blood circulation is faster, our digestion system will be moved comprehensively. If you smoke at this grow pass, the absorbing smoking of lung and your photo album body will heap. The harmful materials will be largely absorbed in the lung, which will living our full of beans and digestion system. No doubt it will bring more damage.

 4, Drinking water after meals

Drinking water sourly after meals will dilute the gastric juice, therefore the food in your belly will profit into the intestines without digestion, which will cause gastrointestinal diseases. If you beverage soda after meals, it will be worse. Because the carbon dioxide from the soda drinks will growth the front pressure, later furthermore to acute gastric dilatation.

 5, Singing karaoke after dinner

The stomach faculty will store after getting full, and blood flow increases, if you sing mood at this grow antique, your diaphragm will go beside and lump abdominal pressure. Then it will cause bad digestion and gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, you had improved sing songs 1 hour after dinner. Or eat dinner after singing.