Acne Treatment For Teens - Getting Your Child to Listen

Getting them to do things on a daily basis

Acne Treatment For Teens - Getting Your Child to Listen
Acne Treatment For Teens

Kids and teenagers are the worst when it comes to getting them to do things on a daily basis. It is just like trying to get them to clean their room everyday and then they come back and ask: "Why?'t you just shut the door to my room?". We parents are the ones that have to be the voices in the back of their heads reminding them what to do each and everyday. One of those things is, of course, brush your teeth and wash your face every morning. It seems our teenages wake up one morning with their faces covered with acne and we run to the computer to look up Acne Treatment For Teens.

Of course, the very first thing and foremost is for them to keep their faces clean and that means to stay on them each and everyday to wash really well in the mornings and in the evening before bedtime. Acne is a sign they are getting older and we have to help with that rite of passage.

Have you seen how many different facial scrubs, ointments, and advertisements there are to help acne? The bad part is, none of them will work completely. Acne cannot be cured but it can be kept at bay and it might take trying and testing all the different things you see on the shelves till you find the one that works for you. Teenage acne treatment is hard because kids will be kids and they have acne and in some cases, some worse than others.

Here are some things that have to be done on a daily basis and written on the wall or notes placed next to the bathroom mirror to get them to do it everyday.

Wash their face twice a day or more if you can.
Apply the medication you are trying this week because so far you havent found one that works well. Keep them from picking at their face and try to tell them that if they continue to do that, it will leave scars. No one ever said parenting was going to be easy, but done with love makes it so much easier. There are many other things to try such as their diet, exercise and taking a good daily vitamin that has every thing in it and not anything fried. If you find nothing your try seems to make a difference, go to your family doctor and perhaps they can give you a prescription to use that will help.

Teenagers will be teenagers and don't think we, as parents, know anything. They forget that it wasn't that long ago that we had the same problems they do now. Talk to other parents and see what they use for acne. This isn't limited to just your child. If you find something that works well, make sure they use it each day, even if you have to apply it yourself. Teenage acne treatment has been around so long that you would think they would have a cure by now. They don't, so it is up to you and our child to do the best you can.