Available Methods, how to clear up acne scarring

There are different ways of treating acne scars

Available Methods, how to clear up acne scarring
how to clear up acne scarring

You have been dealing with acne for so long, and you also realize you've got another problem which are the acne scars. You no longer have to worry about acne breakouts, but now you need to deal with the scars.There are different ways of treating/ clear up acne scars. The type of treatment you take depends on how severe your scars are, as well as how much of your face the scars cover. As always, a dermatologist is the best person who can recommend to you the treatment options you have for your scars.

Below are a few of the methods used to treat acne scars. You may want to discuss these with your dermatologist and find out which one is most appropriate for you.

  1. Chemical Peel : This scar method involves applying a chemical solution to your skin. The chemical solution causes your scarred skin to blister. Your skin will peel off, making way for new skin. If your scars are not severe, a chemical peel may be the solution for you.
  2. Dermabrasion : This scar treatment method involves removing your skin's top layer using a rotating brush. Dermabrasion is one of the more effective treatments for scars, but it can be very painful. It also has a long recovery time. Dermabrasion is appropriate if you have raised scars.
  3. Laser Resurfacing : Laser resurfacing is a popular scar treatment that involves the use of lasers to remove the skin's top layer, making way for new skin to grow over the scars. If you do undergo laser resurfacing, you will need to follow a post-laser skin care regimen in order to prevent the scars from coming back.
  4. Punch Technique : This scar treatment is a surgical method. It is done under local anesthesia. The punch technique makes use of a punch tool for removing scars. Once the scars are removed, the skin is stitched back together. The result will be the scars will be less noticeable.
  5. Subcision : This scar treatment method involves the use of needle to break up the fibrous bands that may be causing sunken scars. Subcision works by raising the scars so that they are at the same level as the rest of the skin.
  6. Augmentation : This scar treatment method works by injecting collagen or fat into the scars in order to raise them. The result is that the scars are at the same level as the rest of the skin, making them less noticeable.

These are only some of the many ways of treating acne scars. Each of these methods has its own degree of invasiveness, as well as post-treatment commitment. The right scar treatment option for you is one that is designed for the type of acne scarring you have. In addition, your budget also comes into play, as the cost of the different scar treatments vary.