Best Teenage Acne treatment in 4 Steps

There are 4 tips that should be part of any Teenage Acne Treatment

Best Teenage Acne treatment in 4 Steps
Best Acne Treatments for Teens

Many if not all of us wish there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and a magic bullet for all the other things that plague our lives, acne being one of them. There is no magic bullet to cure all acne but there are 4 tips that should be part of any teenage acne treatment. Habits exist that will make acne worse and there are a number of falsehoods in regards to acne.

Having clear skin or as close to it as possible is important since it is well documented that acne can lead a person into depression and even suicidal thoughts. People spend a lot of money for clear skin and although I could argue that there is unnecessary vanity in some of this I will admit that having acne, as a youth was not easy and even today when I get a pimple it is not pleasant. It is particularly hard for a teenager and so lets look at the best teenage acne treatment.

So if we simplify the treating of teenage acne by focusing on these four main points.

  1. Squeeze Pimples - This is a habit that is very detrimental to the skin and needs to be avoided. When a pimple or a blackhead is squeezed the pus can be pushed deeper into the skin and even into adjacent segments of the epidermis and in bad cases even the dermis layer of the skin. This squeezing pimples will also result in a larger cavity and lead to the terrible scarring of the skin. The pus if not properly cleaned from the skin can also infect other parts of the skin and cause the acne to spread.
  2. Hormones - Hormones do cause acne and is often the culprit for the first signs of acne in young people going through puberty as their bodies undergo tremendous hormonal changes. There are lifestyle habits that can affect hormone levels and if a person takes the time to understand these and incorporate the practices into their life they can often greatly reduce the occurrence of acne. The only food items related to acne are dairy products such as milk, cheeses, ice cream and yogurt. The hormones in the dairy products stimulate the acne breakouts. Currently there is no connection between acne and any other food items like chocolate, pizza or even potato chips. The greatest cause besides puberty is stress since stress increases the levels of hormones in the body. Therefore, any practice that increases stress could be said to be secondarily related to causing acne and pimples. These lifestyle practices include rest, water intake, the consumption of sweets and oils, faulty thinking habits, lack of exercise, getting pure air and being outside and getting sunlight.
  3. Treatment - If the case of acne is bad enough that as much as 20% of the skin is covered the person should see a dermatologist who will most likely prescribe one of the medications for Acne. The numerous acne treatment systems available for sale and some are proven to help young men and women with the frequency and severity of pimples but take caution that you don't waste your money on something that does not work. Don't rush, make sure that you find the product that is well known to work.
  4. Hygiene - Poor hygiene will not create acne and pimples but if the skin is dirty it can clog the pores and will result in blackheads. It is important to not scrub acne since it can spread the pus and infection to other parts of the skin. Be careful in your selection of soap since most soap leaves a film on the skin. Cleansing your face is best to do with warm water and just your hands so there is no hard scrubbing.

This may seem to simple but being able to can change your day to day habits and your thinking patterns will likely be the work of a lifetime. The number one thing you need to do for teenage acne treatment is learn how to control your stress and second is to eliminate dairy products from your diet as much as possible. If you accomplish these two tasks you have made two significant choices that will reduce the occurrence and severity of acne and pimples.