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The Advantage of Cleaning Teeth Introduced [Dental Expert]


What are the advantages of cleaning?

Dental experts pointed out that the dental plaque is the mineralization of dental plaque and other sediment, adhesion roots in tooth neck gum, hard, produce toxins can stimulate gums, cause gum inflammation, redness and swelling, bleeding, resulting in gingival recession, is the main cause of periodontal disease, still can cause bad breath. Through cleaning can effectively remove tartar, protect the periodontal tissue. Cleaning is an effective method for prevention and treatment of periodontal disease and gingivitis and is also an effective method to prevent dental caries. 

We know that periodontal disease is one of two of the most common oral disease, it directly lead to premature tooth loss, affect the person's chewing function. Poor oral hygiene, excessive plaque, the plaque is the main cause of periodontal disease. Therefore, by adopting the method ultrasonic scaler cleaning, manual cleaning cure timely cleaning plaque and tartar, also is the people often say that "cleaning", is the main method to prevent periodontal disease.

"Cleaning" refers to remove plaque, the plaque on the teeth with clean governance instrument and color stain, and polished tooth surface, to delay plaque and tartar redeposition. Clean governance instrument is divided into ultrasonic scaler machine and hand clean governance devices. In cleaning processing, dental air polisher also very important, it can polish the tooth for removing the little dental plaque. Ultrasonic scaler governance is a kind of efficient equipment to remove the plaque, save time and effort, but there are forbidden to buy heart pacemakers, hepatitis, tuberculosis, infectious diseases, etc. 

Oral, experts say, is "cleaning" alone cannot prevent periodontal disease, also should establish the correct oral hygiene habits, insist on the morning and evening to brush your teeth, gargle after the meal, every once in a while to accept a professional clean governance, such ability can have a healthy periodontal environment, so as to effectively prevent the happening of the periodontal disease. 
Don't ignore your oral healthy, it is very important for our life. Maybe you can bear toothache for one time, but it will affect your life in future. So, periodic cleaning to dental clinic will help you keep beautiful teeth. Have beautiful teeth, you also have a beautiful smile.