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Four Cases Will Influence The Gastric Health


The stomach is an important human digestive organ. If the stomach is not good, what to eat is useless. If the stomach is sick, treatment is very troublesome. Therefore, the stomach is particularly important. To maintain your stomach, first of all, you should prevent your stomach from being hurt. What are the factors will hurt our stomach? Here's a specific look.

First, it is cold. The incidence of gastric and duodenal ulcer is seasonal, autumn and winter and alternate are the high incidence, with particular attention to the stomach in the cold winter. If you have stomach pain, abdominal discomfort, or decreased ability to digest, this time eating cold food will cause or worsen the symptoms of stomach discomfort.

Second, it is too late. Food from the gastric emptying into the small intestine digestion takes about two hours, while eating dinner too late will cause gastrointestinal tract does not have time to digest, so that make the digestive function abnormal. Third, it is eating too much. Eat too much will lead to increase secretion of gastric acid, pancreatic juice, bile and other digestive juices beyond the secretory capacity, may lead to bile duct pancreatic duct is relatively narrow, obstruction, resulting in digestive disorders.

Fourth, just after a meal is not suitable to sit down immediately to immerse you in work, because the gastrointestinal digestion needs enough blood to protect, if you focus on work immediately after meals, and the blood supply to brain, gastrointestinal cannot the circulating blood volume required by the digestion, and it affects the digestive function largely.

Therefore, in order to protect your stomach, you should maintain good habits. For example, you should eat a hot breakfast in the morning. Because the body's muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the morning are still showing a contraction of the state, if this time you eat and drink cold food, the body will be more contracture, the blood flow less smoothly. At the same time, your breakfast should be reasonable. Third, you should eat less stimulating food, and eat more porridge, or more yogurts.

In addition, in the eating habits, you can choose eat small meals, but the eating time should be fasting for too long. You cannot eat pungent food, or eat cold greasy food, and you must eat some breakfast. And in the choice of food, it is mainly the easily digestible food and you can drink more millet gruel.