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Boost Your Brain Health



Train your brain to be smarter or healthier,So here are 5 ways to improve your brain health


Stimulate Your Brain

Read, paint, play with puzzles or learn to play an instrument. Anything that will help create new associations between different parts of your brain is good for you.



A simple walk in the park, a run on the treadmill or playing with your dog. Exercise not only help you maintain your physical health, they also help your brain relax and to reenergize.



Our brains need a variation of brain stimulation. This includes social activity, to keep our minds sharp. Socializing also reduces the risk of dementia and delays cognitive impairment on older people.



You sleep you win. Sleep not only regenerates your physical body, but it also improves your mental performance, leraning and memory ability.


No Smoking

Smoking may cause strokes, due to problems with blood flow or the escape of blood into the brain tissue. Smoking causes around 40% of all strokes in individuals under 65 years of age.


(Source : slideshare/ivanwilliamz)