My Son Had Severe Teenage Acne

Are you in the same situation as I was with a child who has severe teenage acne?

My Son Had Severe Teenage Acne
Teenage Acne Treatment

Are you in the same situation as I was with a child who has severe teenage acne? Is it really affecting their mood like it did with my son? Everyone told me that it is normal for a teenager to go through mood swings and that it was just part of growing up but I just knew that his teenage acne was adding to the problem.

He was always a happy and outgoing boy but he became moody as soon as his teenage acne kicked in. At first I thought that he was just going through the growing stages but I noticed that he was covering his face to other kids that he used to get on with. I could tell he was embarrassed about it and trying to get kids these days to open up and talk about their problems is real difficult as I am sure you are aware.

Anyway, I did some research on his behalf because I felt so helpless, I just had to do something. The thought of my happy kid being unhappy over something that there might be a cure for was really getting to me. I was sure there was something out there that could help get rid of his teenage acne and I was going to get it for him.

I'm told 80% of 13-17 year olds suffer from acne and there were so many products out there all claiming a miraculous "cure" but I found a site that had great information and really broke it down so I knew what to do. 

I talked to my+D41 son about the best daily routine and found that what he was actually doing was making things worse so even with a few minor changes I was able to help and his teenage acne started to lessen. Once we combined that with a carefully selected teenage acne treatment he had clear skin after a month.

Now, he is much happier. I knew it! If I listened to those people who just said that it's part of being a teenager than he would still have his teenage acne and would not be living his best years in a happy outgoing way.