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Tips for Parents : BACK TO SCHOOL

The end of summer and back to school. kids often have a tough time making the back-to-school transition.To help ease back-to-school, try to make transition kids into a consistent routine a few weeks before school starts. Follow these simple and easy tips to help applicability :


1. Sleep

not enough sleep more likely to have elevated blood pressure and less focus in school. kids should be getting at least 9 hours of sleep/night to keep up with their growing bodies and  feel referesh. To help get achieve this, set a bedtime ,Sleep early and wake up on time and stay consistent throughout the week. Turn off electronic devices at least a half hour before bedtime and keep them away from bedroom to help calm busy minds.


2. Breakfast

It’s most important,in the  mornings can be hectic, but don’t skip breakfast.Kids  is teenage years, they need a nutritious dose of fuel to keep up with their growing needs. Breakfast also help with their focus and concentration while in class, give them a healthy breakfast , they're more alert and do better in school if they eat a good breakfast every day.


3. Need to know List

write down the need-to-know info to help them remember details such as their locker combination, what time classes and lunch start and end, their homeroom and classroom numbers, teachers' and/or bus drivers' names, etc.


4. Record

use a wall calendar or personal planner to record when assignments are due, tests will be given, extracurricular practices and rehearsals will be held, etc.



have them organize and set out what they need the night before (homework and books should be put in their backpacks by the door and clothes should be laid out in their bedrooms).