Pitted Acne Scars - How To Get Rid Of Them

Acne is a common problem shared by almost everyone

Pitted Acne Scars - How To Get Rid Of Them
pitted acne scarring

Pitted acne scars are caused by losing of a tissue that result of a damage that has made to the underlying tissue of our skin. The appearance of a pitted acne looks like an 'ice-pick' with a sharp edge or it may look like a scar left behind after you have chicken-pox. If your underlying skin tissue has been damaged for a longer period the process of healing will also take a longer time. So to keep our skin clean and blemish we must keep our underlying skin tissues looked after well.

There are many acne scars that we as humans can get, but pitted acne scars are the heart breaking ones, because it damages the skin and cause a hole on our skin which may take ages to heal. In a world like today everything has changed and depends on the technique, not like in old days where we need to find time for remedies and find time to make lotions. But now we just only have to walk in to a pharmacy or a drug store to look for a cream or a lotion that will fit our skin type. But these types of lotions and creams we get cheaply will only give you a temporary healing till you use them.

For some even they use the most expensive product in the market they will never see any changes in their skin, the only change they would see is more redness and more irritation. Some of us are used to go to a beauty salon and get some cosmetic products, but here again it may work and may not. For pitted acne scars they have found that a laser surgery can be more effect full than any other cosmetic, cream or lotion, but it is very costly and all can not afford to do a surgery. What ever artificial or technical remedy we do when you hear this you will agree with me that at any cost we can not go against Mother Nature.

The 'mucin' what we can find almost in all natural treatments are the extracts of a snail which removes the dead and damaged cells and help the skin retain the amount of water to give a smoother looking skin. When we use chemical on our skin it damages our skin, so the best way to regain our beauty is to follow the natural remedies. It may take longer time, but the beauty you gain will remain even if you get acne on your skin again. Chemical products always have side effects, so we have to be careful in all products we use. Always make it a point to go for natural products.

After we under go all these remedies, creams, lotions and laser scar removal treatment we need to intake lots of fruits and water to have a better looking skin with a nicer texture. Natural fruits give us back the color of our skin and help us to regain our beauty and to stay blemish as long as you live, we will have to sacrifice or have to stop eating oily and all kinds of fast foods we find in the markets. If we can say NO to artificial food we are on the right track in to a healthy looking skin and to a healthy life style both to us and to our family, and would be a good example to our next generations.