Recipe For a Colon Cleanse Drink

Are you suffering from problems like constipation and anxiety?

Recipe For a Colon Cleanse Drink
colon cleanse drink

Are you suffering from problems like constipation and anxiety? Do not avoid these problems; chances are that their times that you go in for a colon cleanse process. There are many supplements available in the market for the purpose, though you may even try the recipes that you can make at home. Recipe for colon cleanse drink which is readily available in the net, surely provides you great results.

The lemon drink recipe requires you to take two tablespoons of freshly-squeezed lemon and two tablespoons of grade B or grade C maple syrup in a glass. To this you need to add around 10-14 ounces of water in room temperature. Add about a pinch of cayenne and stir it properly. Now gulp down the entire drink. Make sure that you use freshly-squeezed lemon for the purpose and keep stirring the mixture just before you drink it. You can keep increasing the amount of cayenne, as you get used to it, for better results.

For the apple drink, you need half cup of organic apple juice, 1/3 cup of water, one teaspoon of whey powder, a teaspoon of bentonite and a heaping teaspoon psyllium or any other intestinal cleanser. Mix the ingredients together and drink it around 5 times a day. In between you should also drink freshly made juice, clear broths and herbal tea, to avoid getting dehydrated. At least two enemas should also be taken each day. Recipe for colon cleanse drink, if taken as mentioned is surely going to leave you with a clean colon and a better digestive system.