Steps to Be a Good Mother

The important thing to remember is that the love you invest in your children absolutely makes a difference

Steps to Be a Good Mother
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As a mother, you live, breathe, and sacrifice for the well-being of your children. Seeing them succeed is the best thing in the world, and watching

them falter is gut-wrenching. The important thing to remember is that the love you invest in your children absolutely makes a difference. There are

some steps how to be a good mother:


1. Be supportive, and never laugh at your kids hobbies, interests or friends.

Help your child follow their dreams by providing support, encouragement and the opportunity to do so. So, your daughter doesn't want to study medicine and become a doctor? Don't get angry, this is your child's life and they can make some of their own decisions.

2. Be patient.

Being a mother is a little challenging sometimes. But keep your cool and try to stay patient. Try this approach to other problems. Stay calm, explain the practical reasons not to do something, and then why YOU don't want them to do something.

3. Find an interest in your child's interests.

If your son likes football buy him a ball and watch him play. Ask questions, like who is your favorite
football player,etc. If your daughter is interested in fashion, take her
out for a shopping spree. Ask her what her favorite thing about fashion is. Don't be afraid to ask just
don't be pushy. Always support them kindly.


4. Don't be tight about money.

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Okay, so blowing money day after day isn't the best thing to do, but don't automatically say no to everything your kid asks for. If you always say no and follow this with a lecture about saving money, you will be known as the "Tight Parent", the one who never buys anything. Buy something small every now and then. Even offering to purchase some candy or chips at the store can make a difference. You can also take them out to a special dinner, see a movie, and choose a nice gift or receive nice gifts from parents.

5.Make sure you are an approachable person to talk to.

Always be a good listener for your kids. Knowing that they can go to their mom for friendship advice, homework help, or just a hug goes a long way for kids.


6. Be able to admit that something you did may have been wrong and don't be afraid to apologize.

It might be hard, but it's better for everyone if you just admit to your mistakes and apologize. It saves everyone the trouble of being mad that you're being stubborn and teaches your kids that it's okay to make mistakes, as well as the importance of an apology.


7. Respect your child's love for the other parent.

You should not be jealous of your child loving their father, grandmother/father, aunt, cousin, uncle, brother, sister or friends.


8. Love your children more than anything.

Without loving them, it means nothing whatever you do in your life. And understand whenever you love your child or not, somehow deep in your child's heart, they will love you forever whenever they are loved, or not.


9. Make your child feel special.

Give them goodnight kisses, hugs and normal kisses, let them sit on your knee and show your love by sharing your memories and dreams and with special endearments (darling, honey, love) and nicknames.